Collection of unique songs from around the continent; from traditional folk to club tracks to the utterly ridiculous.


J.M.K.E. – “Tere Perestroike” : “Welcome Perestroika”, the unofficial Punk Rock anthem of the Singing Revolution against Soviet repression of Estonian language and culture.

Kerli – “Feral Hearts” : This Estonian pop star resembles Lady Gaga but owes her influences to a fusion of inspirations from Imogen Heap to Björk to Aphex Twin.


Jenni Vartiainen – “Duran Duran”: Emotive and catchy song about a romantic encounter to the backdrop of Duran Duran by the stunning Jenni Vartiainen.

Korpiklaani – “Wooden Pints”: Trust me, this will be your new favourite drinking song. Or you can check their songs “Vodka” or “Tequila” according to your tipple.

Nightwish – “I wish I Had an Angel”: An oldie but a goodie with Tarja Turunen as frontwoman. Soundtrack of the film “Alone in the Dark” starring Christian Slater.

Janna – Sä et Ole Hullu“: Finnish pop star Janna assures us that we “aren’t crazy”. Good to know.


Guano Apes – “Proud Like a God” : Rammstein, Doro Pesch, the Scopions; all too predictable for the rock/metal feature. Let’s go with something lesser known.

Scooter – “The Question is What is the Question” : I make no apologies for this. It was either Deutsche happy hardcore or Cascada. This one has an infamous jumpstyle dance which had everyone from the businessman to the milkman playing imaginery hopscotch on the streets.


Meccano Twins – “Eating Steel” : Possibly one of my favourite songs of all time- the darkside of Hardcore Italia. From the same hockey-masked DJs a.k.a. Art of Fighters. Other releases include “Shittin’ Steel”, “Theory of Steel” and “Still Stealing the Steel”.

CCCP Fedeli alla Linea – “Curami” : 80s pro-Soviet punk band from Italy formed in Berlin. Their live performances were just bizarre, and not always well-received due to their message of USSR nostalgia. Militant rock indeed…

Lacuna Coil – “Our Truth” : The best song by these gothic rockers in my opinion is actually “What I See” from the 7-string Karmacode album but as there’s no corresponding video, you wouldn’t be able to ogle over Cristina Scabbia. I never did understand why they needed the second vocalist.


Dua Lipa – “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)“: This song by British-born Kosovar was chosen purely for the brutalist Barbican appearing in the music video.

Ardian Bujupi & Dalool – “Na Jena Njo” : Artist, Ardian has had success finishing third in one of Germany’s televised talent competitions and has lived there since childhood.

Era Istrefi – “E Dehun” : Now on the rise to global fame, this is the controversial video that got the Serbian Orthodox Church’s blood boiling.

Rita Ora – “What Child Is This?”: The British artist revisits her Albanian roots in a very dignified vigil for the canonisation of Mother Teresa, singing in English although she can still speak Albanian fluently.



Jurga – “Smėlio žmonės” : Just seek out one of Jurga Šeduikytė’s playlists and it will set you right for the day. Delightful vocal style and a fusion of electronica, pop and alternative sounds.


Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa (Warsaw Village Band) – Chassidic Dance : The band formed to promote Poland’s cultural identity in a contemporary way, as a response to mass culture and narrow-mindedness “which in fact leads to [the] destruction of human dignity” in their view.

Honey (a.k.a. Honorata Skarbek) – Lalalove/Don’t Love Me : Catchy pop song by the youngster known as Honey. She also released a more popular English version to the same video.

Kombii- Pokolenie : The recently reformed 70s Polish rock band with an extra “i” on the end of their name (formerly Kombi). The song is about every generation wanting to change the world and make their voices heard.

Myslovitz – Długość Dźwięku Samotności : 90s rock band who, like Boston and other successful rock bands of the past, took their name from their hometown; in this case a small mining town called Mysłowice.


Pianoбой – “Горя Чуть Слышно” : Dmitry Shurov a.k.a. Pianoboy and his very catchy melody set to lesbians frolicking in a forest.

Jamala – “1944” : The powerful  and controversial song which won Kiev the right to host Eurovision 2017, about the mass deportation of the Tatars from Crimea by Stalin in…1944.

Alyosha – “Sweet People” : This 2010 video is set in Pripyat/Chernobyl. Next best thing if you can’t manage a tour. The small child featured in the video was never present at the actual location.