Reconnaissance Europe

Mission in progress to explore all 51 European states (& beyond)

Operative / Author

Welcome to my memory scrapbook of all my short, intensive trips around Europe and beyond, as I seek answers to big questions through targeted exploration. For me it’s not just about visiting picturesque locations (although there is often that) but to try and look beyond the façade, see deeper beneath the surface and connect the dots.

My name is Sable: Engineer, military and geopolitical enthusiast, keen traveller and eternal scholar from Northern Ireland, UK.

Surely no single continent exhibits more diversity than Europe, that lends itself well to being airdropped and lifted in-and-out of its capitals by “large blue and pink carrier birds” rather conveniently. I always set out with clear mission objectives, from sampling national delicacies to tracking down Vladimir Lenin statues, but always manage to add a couple more along the way.

Ugly buildings and history of recent conflict usually feature heavily on the agenda, as well as sampling local cuisine. I try my best to also look for the more unusual or unique experiences specific to any place. If it is strange and unusual, I WILL FIND IT. All of these things, no matter how trivial they may seem, develop one’s understanding of history, culture and people.

I am now based in the Middle East but that certainly won’t stop me! On the contrary, it has temporarily afforded me an opportunity to expand my horizons beyond Europe’s borders…

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