Reconnaissance Europe

Mission in progress to explore all 51 European states.


Not all of us are cut out to be round-the-world backpackers; sleeping in hostels, sweeping through entire continents nomadically and carrying little more than a few pairs of perpetual underwear.

My name is Sable (alias: noviblokovi): Engineer, military enthusiast, European traveller, armchair expert and eternal scholar from Northern Ireland.

I prefer to tackle countries closer to home and Europe lends itself well to being airdropped and airlifted in and out of its capitals by “large blue carrier birds” rather conveniently. I try to plan my trips with military precision and set myself certain mission objectives, from trying national delicacies to tracking down Vladimir Lenin statues.

UGLY BUILDINGS, SOVIET ERA ARCHITECTURE, CONCRETE and sampling local cuisine are always on my hit list, as well as planned activities which are unique to that place. If you want to read about top tourist traps, how to eat out on a shoestring and find pleasant locations to sit idly on a patch of grass, TripAdvisor is a better bet!

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